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6 Reasons: Why Magento Is Best eCommerce CMS Platform

Magento offers nearly everything an e-commerce website would have to display products, execute online transactions, provide customer support and run all of your backend procedures economically. But, it isn’t a plug and plays with e-commerce system, it will require some degree of programming knowledge to construct the website in the first location.

Some of Magento key e-commerce features are:

  • User Dashboards
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced shipping and supplier management
  • Allows bundling of products
  • Built-in cross sell and up-sell capabilities
  • CMS option
  • Newsletters

Created For E-commerce

Magento began life as a platform meant for e-commerce unlike WordPress, Drupal or Joomla that are mostly content management system programs that provide the choice of e-commerce plugins.

Freedom To pick Hosting Service

In case you still require the ease of a hosted platform, Magento Go provides you precisely that along with of the advantages that include the Magento Community variant platform.

Simple To Contain Third-Party Apps

Magento extensible API permits you to link to any sort of program or plugin of your choice tremendously readily.
E-commerce companies come in various shapes and sizes. What works for a fashion store might not operate for a hardware and power resources vendor. Likewise scale and size of operations, client support demands etc. pose various challenges at the e-commerce atmosphere.

Really Quick

45 percent of the web users expect that a website to load in under two minutes. No more than this and they just close the tab and proceed with their lives. Every client that leaves without purchasing leaves behind still another dent in your overall conversion speed.

With this kind of pressure on functionality, you’d want a stage that loads quickly, enables caching of webpages easily, while letting you get as many bells and whistles because you want on your e-commerce website.

Magento provides you all the aforementioned and much more. It lets you cache your pages easily with Varnish, recover data from colossal databases from milliseconds, procedure queries very quickly and load pages quickly enough to please your own impatient clients.

SEO friendly

Most of us understand how important it’s to create our sites as SEO friendly as possible. Its source code includes all these features built right in, saving you a great deal of time and trouble, while ensuring that your website is search favourable.

Run Multiple Sites With One Frequent Backend System

Whilst virtually any e-commerce system — open source or allows you have just 1 shop on a single platform; using Magento, it is possible to run a number of sites on the exact same common back-end program.

Every site can have distinctly different designs and layout with their own shops. You may even have different domain names for every website. Control all of these simultaneously through one unified admin panel with Magento. This capacity is a blessing for e-commerce companies that run in multiple market classes.

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