Video Game Tactics Shown through Video Tutorials

Recently, I downloaded the latest instalment in the Call of Duty PS4 gaming franchise through my Comcast Double Play packages subscription. And needless to say, the stellar gameplay action featured in the production did not disappoint in the least. From the engaging first-person shooting experience to the brilliant musical score that accompanied – the game is a must-have for any strategy gaming enthusiast.But my engagement with this particular game title was different.

And at odds with my usual gaming practice.

Why I Chose to Consult a Tutorial

Normally, I begin playing immediately after I make a new game purchase. And unlike many professional gamers, I don’t consult any review sites. I like to form my own opinions, which I believe become irreparably coloured through such prior readings.

With this new C.O.D instalment, however, I did resort to a number of video tutorials on YouTube. I should mention that SIE Santa Monica Studio’s (the game developer) website has many informative resources of its own. But these can get a bit too simplistic for experienced players, who are interested in learning more ‘pro’ tips.

The reason why I chose to do this was two-fold.

Firstly, I wanted to know of some cheat codes in advance, which could give me a competitive edge during my multiplayer gaming spells. All gamers, whether they admit to this fact or not, make ample use of these encoded shortcuts.

Secondly, I wanted to have a complete heads-up on the storyline and game location settings. This information can prove crucial in scoring multiple hits before initiating gameplay. Certain terrain spots are more suited for rifle shooting, while others favour sniper targeting. By becoming aware of these virtual geographies, gaining the high-ground at an early stage becomes easy.

Video Game Tutorials as Marketing Devices

But even when considered from the point of view of amateur players, video game tutorials are highly valuable. In these cases, they not only inform but also exciting. Because of this latter characteristic, they are commonly used as the marketing devices of choice by their developers.

By visually demonstrating the gameplay in store, they convince ad viewers to budget their funds accordingly – and before the game’s public debut. But their promotions, however, are subtle; and not as ‘in your face’ as traditional marketing campaigns. They don’t merely ask you to pay several dollars for purchasing a particular game title, they convince you to do it.

Teaching Some Cool Gaming Tactics

In addition to learning cheat codes, video game tutorials can make you knowledgeable about the gameplay in a number of neat ways. One of these includes making players informed about the full arsenal of weapons available for their chosen character personas.

In C.O.D, you can play around with over twenty-seven different enemy targeting implements. These include a wide assortment of guns & firearms, knives, and pocket blades for both distant and close-range attacks. The game’s video tutorials teach how to wield each of these tools for inflicting the maximum damage.

Video tutorials also introduce players to an entire tapestry of impressive physical combo moves. These normally require them to handle two or more remote control buttons simultaneously, along with spinning the joystick (if present). Armed with these special action sequences, players can surprise their opponents with their learned skills during key gameplay moments. Combo moves also prove particularly helpful when a game character is low on ammunition.

Sometimes (and all gamers can relate with this), you get stuck in a particularly tricky game level. No matter what you, or how hard you concentrate, you simply cannot find a way out of your predicament. And it often happens that you remain in this position for many days on end.

During these crisis periods, turning to a decent video game tutorial can sort things out almost instantly. Since these self-help instructional manuals are normally created by the game’s developers themselves, you are made certain of first-hand insights. Along with a way to navigate out of the sticky situation.

Although it is always best (and more worthwhile in the end) to find your way in the game yourself, such tutorials offer a timely respite. Especially when the going gets particularly tough and time-consuming.

2. Types of Tutorials

The internet offers two broad kinds of video gaming tutorials.

One is the expository tutorial variety – which normally features textual instructions alongside companion video pieces.

The other category is called the Tutorial Room – which is a virtual online arena where the gameplay is tracked step by step. This variety uses a more hands-on approach and is easier to understand.

Both tutorial types can be easily accessed with an internet connection offered by Cincinnati Bell Customer Service. The Gameplanet and Cheatcc web platforms are good places to start.

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