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Top 7 Tips To Boost Up your Organic Traffic

For the survival in the web-based business, every website owner wants to generate sufficient traffic to his/her website. The more visitors you get on your site, the more business opportunities come in your way. So, you can easily understand if there is insufficient traffic on your site, profit margins start to plummet little by little.In simple words, the web traffic which comes from different search engines is referred as “organic traffic”. Due to high competition in the digital world and changing rules of SEO, it is not an easy task to boost organic traffic to your website. However, you can try the below-mentioned tips:

1. Improve Your Website’s Quality

You must keep in mind that search engines always think about providing better search results to visitors for the entered keywords or terms. So, they check websites from different angles while displaying them in search results. Some important parameters are-

  • The overall look and feel of your website,
  • Its loading speed,
  • Responsiveness to different mobile devices,
  • Content presentation, etc.

So, make sure that your website has a visual appeal and is easy-to-use. Get in touch with an excellent web development company and ask its developers to make your site SEO-ready. If this happens, you can easily promote it on WWW with a little effort and get more organic traffic in return.

2. Regular Publication of High-Quality Web Materials (Content)

Almost all tech-savvy people essentially search the desired info, products, services on the Global Internet. So, search engines pick the most updated websites and show them in search results. A website, which offers the latest, fresh, and meaningful content to visitors, is likely to rank in top search results in Google and other alternative search engines. If your website has less content with outdated information, Google will not prefer it when it looks for web pages for displaying them in search results.

So, find out the relevant keywords under your niche in consultation with SEO professionals and ask content writers to create high-quality content for it. Just proofread the content 2 times, eliminate various errors, and upload it to your website to be consumed by the targeted visitors. Just keep publishing content on your website at regular intervals so that search engine bots keep visiting your website, add newly published content in their index and display them in search results prominently.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is another good option to increase organic traffic to your website. When Google sees that internationally recognized websites refer your site’s content on a particular topic, it considers your website materials useful for the targeted audience and ranks it accordingly.So, escalate your Guest Blogging activities. Look for high-authority Guest blogging websites under your niche and request to contribute useful content for the targeted audience as a Guest Blogger. If your article is accepted and published by the blog/website owner, you get lots of traffic and business opportunities back to your website.

4. Answer Visitor’s Questions on Q-A Websites

When people deal with a brand, they have several questions and concerns. So, they try to find the answer to their questions on WWW. To present the exact answer to the visitor’s questions, search engines prefer good web pages available on prominent Q-A websites. So, you should be active on highly used Q-A websites, answer the valid questions of users, and encourage them to visit your website for getting more knowledge on a particular topic. If this happens, you will be able to get a significant amount of organic traffic to your website every day.

5. Strong Social Signals

Google considers user engagement with a brand as an important ranking factor while displaying results. So, a website with a huge list of fans and followers on different social media websites may rank well on Google than all those websites that have no social incarnation. So, make sure your website is present on all leading social media channels. Share your site content on all those social platforms and motivate visitors to make your content go viral. A viral content on social media websites is often shown prominently in Google’s SERP and you get lots of organic traffic to your website.

6. Automated Article Suggestions

Automated Article Suggestion is a new technique to make your old content go viral once again and get some traffic to your website. It also helps you to keep visitors on your website for a long period of time and improve the content consumption rate by leaps and bounds. For suggesting a similar content to customers, you can use a plugin or ask the developer to make the necessary technical arrangement for it.

7. SEO For Alternative Search Engines

The digital marketing professionals from all over the world are crazy about Google because of its global presence and large-scale use by the tech-savvy people. So, it’s always difficult to maintain a decent ranking of your website in Google’s SERP. Sometimes, it happens that your site’s ranking keeps going down in Google despite applying your best efforts. During this time, even a little a little slice of organic traffic from alternative search engines (such as Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc,) can compensate the loss caused by the low ranking of your site in Google’s SERP. So, get in touch with experienced SEO professionals and optimize your website for alternative search engines also. It will help you to improve organic traffic to your site up to a certain extent and get more business opportunities.


Organic traffic matters a lot if you are in the web-based business and intend to increase your profit margins. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and gain more organic traffic to your website.

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Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle / IOS App Development Company in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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