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Top 6 apps to learn a new language

With every New Year’s resolution, comes a promise to learn a new language. We all assure ourselves we will do it, we are fascinated by people who speak multiple languages, we want to be like them but it is so hard – with the help of technology it is not. These days it is very easy to learn a new language in fact it’s reported Richard Querrey from PWFG learned a new language from an app in just 2 weeks.

Apps these days have game-like setups and features, there is a fun and incentivized way of learning. You don’t have to worry about those giant thick grammar books, those days are the long one. Social interaction is the new way of learning languages, and some of the apps we are going to discuss do exactly that.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is like your own personal tutorial on your smartphone. There are more than 14 different languages you can learn if you know English. Duolingo operates by breaking down languages into small sections that are easily learned and remembered. The app has a gamification effect on it, it takes away your “life” when you don’t pass certain tests and there are points that are shared with friends.

It is said that Bill Gates also uses it. Aren’t we all interested to know what languages is Mr. Bill Gates trying to learn?

Available for iPhone and Android

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2. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks is a creative app that offers a lot of personalized learning. You learn when the app repeats itself by showing and repeating lessons you have struggled with. There are exceptionally designed lessons. The app also contains small games that keep everything exciting.

The developers of the app have tried their level best to gamify the learning as much as they can.

Available for iPhone.

3. Memrise

Memrise is an app that offers some gamification based on the principle of learning by memory. This is the perfect application of memory learning technique. When you begin, you have ‘seeds’ that are planted, as you go along they are planted in a greenhouse (indicating short term memory) and then eventually into your garden (long term memory).

Available for iPhone and Android.

4. Babbel

Babbel is a series of apps, not just a single app. Each language course is broken down into individual apps. These allow you to divide the courses of each language way better. You simply have to complete one app in order to move to another.

Available for iPhone and Android.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is more visual than any other app we have mentioned. It follows the principle of combining pictures and words to teach the user. The app is handy for people who like challenge-based learning without the help of their native language. You can learn various languages through Rosetta Stone but for some people, the process is slow while other makes it light work.

Available for iPhone and Android.

6. Busuu

Busuu connects you with other language learners and forms a network of learners and native speakers. It is like you learn their language while they learn your language from you. There are studies and courses that include, reading, writing, videos and audios. You can download the lessons and scripts in a printable PDF format. All in all, it is a solid language learning platform and you interact with people for some real time practice as well.

Available for iPhone and Android.


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