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Top 5 Benefits of Sharing Your Stuff with Friends and Neighbors

Sharing with friends is nothing new as it has an edge over sharing with strangers. Sharing is considered something really but sharing helps to strengthen the bond of friendship of two people or more. Here is why you should go for borrowing and lending your personal stuff with friends and neighbors.

1. Sharing has common goals

When you share things, you not just share physical things. During the time spent sharing, you comprehend that sharing isn’t only the loaning of a thing based off trust to your companion. It is a lifestyle that you are taking an interest in. Both of you comprehend that sharing is about trust, and about preservation of the constrained assets that we have, and in addition the down to earth side of cost sharing and saving money on things you and your companion have and share.

2. Sharing upgrades the trust factor

Friendship is something close to everyone’s heart, yet it is an imperative one in our general public. Most types of long lasting bonds are framed based on friendship. Spouses, wives, and sweethearts all begin as companions. Indeed, even guardians are urged to be a companion to their youngsters.

How about if you have a lending app and borrowing app? Lendor, is a Mobile Rental App that helps you share your stuff with neighbors and earn money. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sharing obviously, needs to occur when there is trust. When you share, common trust increments, as sharing itself are a self-proliferating component for trust, which goes about as social grease in your Friendship.

3. Sharing helps you know more about the individual

Suppose you have a hair straighter and you don’t use it now. Why not lend it to someone who needs it and uses it frequently. Lend home stuff, travel essentials, video games with the Lendor app.

You never know, since objects each have their own history, and individuals share them to make the following part in their story. Presently, it can be your swing to add on to its rich and storied history, and to instruct it to the following individual you share it to. All things considered, a few collectibles pick up their incentive from their accuracy, which essentially implies, where they’ve been and what they’ve been utilized for.

4. Sharing helps gain knowledge

So perhaps there is someone who has a long list of book or novels and you want to read all of them one by one, and after that she settled down alongside you, and she brought it along as a keepsake. With a library of things borrow, rent, and lend. Gain more knowledge about the thing side by side.

Imagine someone has a wood planked and someone else borrows it. At that point, she began figuring out how to utilize it to make furniture, and that is the manner by which you in the end met her, while she was planning her table in the yard. Presently, wouldn’t it make for a decent ordeal on the off chance that she instructed you how to securely utilize the wood planer?

Put in a couple of hours with that wood planer in her yard, and in addition a couple of different apparatuses, and respond with maybe a session of stick making and tea later on, and the both of you can figure out how to have stick, on pleasantly created tables together! A couple of long periods of diligent work and fun taking in another expertise with your companion is an incredible method to bond and in addition discover more about somebody, yes?

5. Sharing opens doors for new opportunities


Obviously, not buying pristine hardware and contract a mentor unquestionably enhances the cost. After you and your companions have had an incredible time hanging out gaining from each other’s encounters and abilities you can set out on shared undertakings together! All things considered, individuals used to live in littler networks, and now our networks are comprised of our own groups of friends. Our own groups of friends are never again obliged by limits, for example, area or geology, with the approach of the web and different types of cutting edge interchanges. Lend sports equipments like cricket bat, racket, baseball bat, football, volleyball, net or anything else you feel is not in daily use and earn a good amount with Lendor app.

The key thought here be that as it may, is to get together with a pack of companions who have differed aptitudes and interests, and set out on an undertaking where they can share their apparatuses, as well as their abilities and encounters, showing each other and going to a typical understanding and shared objective. That is the way you bond companions with sharing!

Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others

Looking beyond personal feelings and also building social value, sharing is all about connecting with people. This connection can be formed if you share or lend your personal stuff with neighbors or the needy. The best part is you can earn money when you lend items. Give on rent the stuff that you rarely use or use less on daily basis.

Although you can reach the moon alone, but with friends and neighbors and anyone you are sharing your stuff with, connecting becomes easily, viable not only economically but also physically and socially.

Lendor App is the one of the most feature rich version of the platform in Singapore. So if you have an Android phone or Apple iPhone, download Lendor app and share stuff with everyone while earning bucks. You may also borrow stuff whenever you need and use it upto a particular time.


Sharing and borrowing has been a part of human life. Sharing is a kind of planet because it uses spaces, energy and resources in the most efficient way. Share your vehicle like car with neighbors or needy and let them have the benefit of life. So all the natives of Singapore download and register today by creating your account and start sharing. Let us know your thoughts and what you want to see implemented next.


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