The Love for Dress: Women clothing essential

“When I was just a little girl” – I wore a frock.

Oh yes, I am a big fan of Doris Day’s dresses in the movie “The man who knew too much”. The song Que Sera Sera just took my heart and obviously the dress Doris Day wore in the song. In my childhood I wore cotton frocks, this has been one of my favourite attire. People said try attire what is in fashion so I tried jeans, bell bottoms, printed skirts, tunic sets but my heart was stuck in frocks and I continued wearing them. Time flies, when a frock became a dress I don’t know but one thing I realised with time that a dress has its own sleekness, elite look and gives you a charming aurawith a hint of solemn presence.

The fabric of people’s life – cotton, there is no other view about it because it is the natural product. It offers all the reasons why you should choose cotton made clothing. Its moisture control quality keeps you dry and cool, all-weather uses gives versatility, durability, totally natural so less toxic and very obvious reason to use cotton that is the comfort. Ask any woman what her requirement is for the item of clothing she purchases and she will tell you it’s comfort. Now imagine a beauty of a dress and comfort of cotton blend together what will we get.

Nobody can deny a cotton dress’s comfort with any shape of the body, at work no need to be attentive for cleavage show or butt crack getting exposed, there has been times for me when I imagine myself in million ways that how can I bend myself and pick the pen that fell on the floor while walking towards the meeting room. Dresses make easier to get dressed in the morning, you literally throw one garment and instantly look polished and put-together. This is super helpful in crazy mornings when you are getting late for work and it looks like you put some effort into it but actually it took less than 30 seconds. This is so good to see entire outfit in one hanger, no matching, no mixing, no pairing just zip-up and go.

This attire is classically feminine, it’s like embracing femininity in the wardrobe. There is connection with people and a pretty dress, I am not joking but for whatever reason I get lot of smile and compliment when I wear my lady-like frocks. It’s an instant mood booster and with an unknown reason I can say that a pretty dress seems to make people happy. It’s so much easier to find a dress than a good pair of jeans. With an apple shaped body with too little of hips it is a torture to go for jeans shopping, dresses work better for my body type. You can go as per your comfort and body structure like maxi dress, knee-length, mini (where your finger hits when your arms are straight down at your sides) and shapes of dresses like fit and flair, column, sheath, wrap or trapeze. I mostly prefer mini fit and flair dress with drop waist (I like to flaunt my legs), you can choose waist line for a fit and flair dress among empire waist, A-line and drop-waist.

So versatile that a person can wear one dress in many ways. A cotton Bebaak dress is perfect for summer but if it is cold all you have to do is putting on a denim jacket. In addition belt, sleeveless vest and cardigancan change the look of a dress while adding a bit of extra warmth. Great if they are in neutral colour, that can be paired over the rest of your wardrobe too. When friends call for a casual meet dresses are awesome outfit during warmer months and paired up with a cardigan on chilli days. This western attire with Indian staple got an awestruck collection in Bebaak studio, you will get variety for officewear cotton dresses, casual wear, party wear. There is a saying “Your dress should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady”, dresses has its own chirpy freedom with its flair and a solemn boundary with its tight fit upper side blouse. I believe that always dress well but keep it simple, and what does it mean for a cloth if nobody “lives” inside it.


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