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Review – Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

For a safe ride, competent bikers keep their bikes on the beam and up to date. But, for the best ride, the rider needs to remain transfixed to the road ahead. More often than note, riders lose their focus when they get distracted, like when their phone rings. To avoid that, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet adds a great deal of utility, including communications and in-helmet calling, in-ride music, GPS navigations and more.

A Bluetooth helmet gives you a combo of great looks and design with amazing features while ensuring safety. The best Bluetooth helmets are easy to install too, not in the least because most helmets are now designed with pockets ready for their addition. Some come with microphones so you can be able to use them for helmet-on calling. Others have integrated volume control, especially for music. And, others will have high wireless ranges.

For motorbike lovers, it’s fictional to enjoy the solitude of riding down the open thoroughfare with lone their contemplations and the wind to keep them company. But, for others, long rides result in loneliness and the journey becomes a bit overwhelming. With Bluetooth helmets, you can always stay attached to fellow riders and others.

With the world changing around us so much, for the good, and with new technological innovations, you lag behind unless you adopt. Bluetooth devices have fastly substituted older techniques of short-range CT. They operate effectively, clearly and with relative safety. Those looking to opt for a new advanced Bluetooth system can purchase a motorcycle helmet upfront that comes with a pre-installed helmet, or modify the existing one.

Plus, a Bluetooth device is very handy for those who can’t live without constantly socializing with others. Besides listening to their desired mp3s they can also have pretty clear discussions with tourists or even travelling buddies who are in a reasonable distance.

When it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth device, there are two main possibilities. Such Bluetooth devices are available in the market which is specifically designed for use with any motorcycle helmets. You will come across an amazing variety but, as a seasoned motorcyclist, you would also realize that if you are going to invest, you should go for the best. Here’s what you should consider before buying:

  • The helmet has to have a dual visor system that will at once protect your eyes, and also reduce dangerous glare and bright sunlight.
  • The inner visor should be retractable, so you’ll have no problem in nighttime situations. Plus, the Bluetooth enabled unit should be the perfect accompaniment for a high-tech ride
  • The helmet needs to let you wirelessly communicate with your contacts and listen to music from your Smartphone, hands-free.
  • In addition to this, a built-in rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger intercom should be available that can be used with the same model of helmet.
  • Unique and stylish colours: great for the outlook.
  • A very toughly designed helmet; it must feature a high-tech injection moulded polycarbonate shell with multiple layers.




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