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Pros And Cons Of Blogging

Blogger is the most widely used blogging platform. It is a Google product and bound to Google’s policies and guidelines. It is free blogging platform which provides very flexible blogging environment for its users. Setting a blog with blogger is very easy you can set up a completely new blog in just a few minutes.

As compared to other blogging platforms It provides lots of features to its users. Although with these advantages it has various disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss various pros and cons of using blogger as your blogging platform.

Advantages of using blogger as your blogging platform:

Free – Blogger is absolutely free blogging platform. You can set up a new blog with blogger without spending even a single penny. It provides hosting for your content for free. If you can’t afford paid hosting for your blog then blogger is the best blogging platform for you. It is best for teenagers, students or even housewives. It is the best choice for personal blogs or you thinking about any entertainment blog or gaming blog. For gaming blog check this PUBG mobile Apk

Easy Customization – Blogger uses HTML, XML, and JavaScript in their blogs. It is very easy to customize your blog’s structure and design. It provides the complete HTML structure of your blog in Editable format. You can easily customize your blog’s look and feel by editing the HTML code of your blog. For this you do not need to hire any professional, you can easily do this on your own by following simple online guides for blogger.

Simple User Interface – Blogger provides very simple and clean user environment for the blog administrators.  It provides a fully functional dashboard for managing your blogs from one place. You can create, delete or modify your blogs from this dashboard in just a few clicks.

Widgets and Templates – Widgets are used for integrating additional functionality to your blog. They are similar to plugins in the WordPress. There are thousands of widgets are available over internet which is ready to be integrated into your blogger blog. You can get these widgets free of cost from the internet. Blogger templates are premade custom themes which can be easily applied to your blog. There are lots of free and premium blogger template available over the internet.

Computer and mobile support – Blogger supports both mobile and computer systems mean your blog can be accessed easily from any of these devices. For mobiles blogger provide separate templates and graphical look.

 Disadvantages of using Blogger:

Lack of Control – As we all know blogger blogs are the property of the Google. Google has the right to delete your blog anytime if your blog does not follow Google’s guidelines.

 Partial SEO – Blogger blogs are not fully SEO optimized. You have to edit your template for adding meta tags, keywords etc. There are no SEO plugins available for blogger blogs.

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 Not good for Large blogs – Blogger blogs are good for small and personal blogs only. If you are serious about blogging and want to become a full-time blogger then do not use blogger as your blogging platform because blogger does not provide full control over your blog so blogger is not a good choice for professional blogging.

 Content Restrictions – In blogger you can only upload images in your blogger account. You cannot add other files such as zip, mp3, exe etc. You need another external source for storing these type of files.

 No plugins – Unlike WordPress, Blogger lacks the plugin support for their blogs Widgets will serve the purpose of the plugins but up to some limits.

 Some restrictions – Blogger has some restrictions on its blogs. These restrictions are explained below –

  • You can create a maximum of 100 blogs per blogger account.
  • Can only store 1GB images for free after that you will have to pay for it.
  • You can add 100 team members per blog.
  • You can add a maximum of 20 labels to per post.
  • You can create maximum 20 static pages.
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