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Plagiarism Checkers: Dispelling 5 Misunderstandings

It is an undeniable fact that internet has taken over the world and due to that we humans now have unprecedented access to all the information in the world. It’s fun how we just insert a single word in the Google search engine and our screen gets bombarded with thousands of results. Google, Bing and even all the social media platforms are just amazing in all the possible ways.

The Challenges With Plagiarism

We all know the fact that right now almost everyone owns a mobile phone or a laptop and all these people have access to the internet too which is great. But then there are a few drawbacks to this open access and one of the major issues right now is that a lot of web content gets copied every single day.

In other words, it is now difficult for a person to check if a piece of information is correct or unique because there are just so many people out there who are copying the same information and posting them under their own name. Due to the open access of information there is a huge increase in plagiarism over the past few years.

However, luckily technology has a solution for that too and by that solution, we are referring to the online plagiarism checkers. Yes, you read it right, there are several anti-plagiarism software available on the internet and just for a little amount of money you can get easy access to this software and check for plagiarism in your or someone else’s content.

How Do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

Now, it’s a very simple thing to understand that if you ever want to get the best out of a software or an application, you first have to understand how it works and make some research on it. Right now if you make some online research, you will see that people have different opinions on plagiarism checkers and there are a lot of misunderstandings surrounding this tool.

So, today we thought to clear out those misunderstandings and tell you everything about this tool in detail so that you can use it in the most effective way.

Plagiarism Checkers Identify Plagiarism Automatically

Plagiarism checkers do not identify the plagiarism automatically. What actually happens is that when you insert a text to check, the plagiarism tool then compares that submitted text against a database of it’s own choice. The checker only highlights the text that seems identical or near identical to the passages in the database. What we are trying to say is that a highlighted part of the text only shows that yes, there is a possibility that this part has been copied. There is nothing that you can say with complete assurity because honestly, only a human himself can properly check if the content is completely plagiarised or not. So, whenever you get a plagiarism report, know that it is not necessary that the content was completely copied. In fact, it’s just the content looked a little similar to the database which why it got highlighted.

2-Plagiarism Checkers Are Used By Plagiarists

Another major misunderstanding is that only those who copy the work use plagiarism detectors. The thing is that some of the good plagiarism tools out there help in improving the quality of the article too. Also, according to a survey, most people use plagiarism software just for their peace of mind. The content they’ve generated is free from any copy past and is good in quality. Moreover, there are times when unintentionally a person writes the same sentences as he had written before and this problem can lead to self plagiarism. Self plagiarism is quite common especially among people are content creators and bloggers etc. So, yes, these plagiarism detectors can come handy to identify and remove plagiarism.

3-Plagiarism Checkers Are Not Accurate

A lot of people out there think that plagiarism checkers are not accurate just because sometimes they don’t show the matched content. And even there are times when these softwares come up with false positives. Well, again, you have to understand that the sole purpose of a plagiarism checker is to identify the potential plagiarism in the content. It’s not going to be completely accurate but it’s not a scam too. At the end of the day, a human is the only person who can proofread and identify the completely matched content. So, do not consider the plagiarism reports to be completely true but on the other hand, don’t think of these reports to be false too.

4-These Detectors Are Easy To Deceive

No, this is not true at all and with the passage of time all the good plagiarism checkers are improving. So, one cannot deceive this detection tool by altering the characters and using different cheat tactics. It all falls back to your research and what tool you are using because as said earlier there are several plagiarism detectors online with different packages. So, make sure that you are using the one that has a good reputation such as Turnitin.

5-All Plagiarism Checkers Are The Same

We’ll be honest with you on this, the internet is full of free online plagiarism checking tools and then there is anti-plagiarism software that isn’t for free and they charge a little. So, no, all the plagiarism checkers are not the same. If you are someone who wants to use these tools for professional use then we highly recommend you to buy the tool because the free ones don’t come with an extensive database. On the other hand, tools like turnitin have an extensive database and they can give you better and more accurate results.

Overall Verdict

Honestly, the professional plagiarism checkers are 100% worth the cost and once you buy a tool, you won’t ever regret your decision because it will actually be very useful for you. The sole purpose of a plagiarism software is to detect the near identical content and improve the quality of the content. The results you get are never going to be 100% and there will always be a chance of some error

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