Pedal around the city with Mobycy

Whether it’s for fitness sake, general health, environmental reasons or saving money, taking up bike riding could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Ever wished for a quick and efficient mode of transport for short distance commutes? Riding a bicycle is the perfect solution. There is no waiting for public transportation, worrying about booking cabs and waiting forever for them. Plus, biking is cheap, easy, a good workout -all goodness rolled into one.
If you want to become a part of a green biking revolution, join MobyCy. You do not even need to own a bicycle.

How Mobycy Makes Riding Happy and Healthy

Mobycy is an app based bike sharing platform designed for bike lovers. To use it, you need to download the app on your phone. You need to then locate a bike nearest you through the map, unlock it by scanning the QR code in the app. Enjoy your ride and then park it easily at any of the Mobycy parking circles, lock it again with the QR code and be on your way. It is as simple as that! This is a Dockless application enabling you to park anywhere within the circle.

With Mobycy, you don’t have the burden of owning and maintaining a bike. You can go bike riding to work, school, park, as a family fun activity, or as part of a physical fitness regime. Studies show that cycling imparts exercise to all parts of your body.

With Mobycy cycling can be an enjoyable exercise that can fit into your daily routine effortlessly. It encourages healthy and happy living that people of all ages can benefit from.

Bike riding is the one single form of transport that is pollution free. Use bikes daily to work and be proud of your contribution to significantly reducing transport gas emissions and traffic congestion.

True to its tagline, “Ride Happiness”, Mobycy lives up to its promise to make bike riding easy, accessible, safe and enjoyable for all. Come join its initiative and make your country greener and fitter


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