Mobycy is Adding Electric Scooters and e-bikes to their Fleet to Solve the Last Mile Connectivity

India’s first dockless bicycle sharing services recently unveiled its new range of smart electric scooters and e-bikes.

Solving the Last Mile Connectivity

The company believes that commuters will get an efficient and faster way to move around by adding these electric scooters and e-bikes. This will also solve most of the problems for their last mile connectivity.

The decision was taken keeping in mind the company’s aim of supporting green technology. Mobycy is a fast-growing company and is evolving quickly, taking into account its tech-savvy commuters. The introduction of these electric scooters and e-bikes will go a long way in decongesting the roads and also keep the environment free from harmful carbon monoxide which is the residual in petrol and diesel vehicles. Besides being environmentally friendly, these bikes are extremely economical. Currently the hiring charges for e-bikes are as low as Rs. 15 per half an hour.

These bikes are powered by Lithium-ion batteries and are fitted with a 250 Watt motor. They can easily travel up to 40 km on a single charge and cruise the top speed of 20km per hour.

Providing Convenience to Commuters

These vehicles are ideally suited for short trips – for instance from a bus stop to a Mobycy parking bay that is closest to your destination (home or office etc.). Besides, the Company is continuously adding more parking bays so as to make it more and more convenient for a larger number of customers to use their service.

Expansion on the Cards

Mobycy started in Gurugram and now has a large network of dockless vehicles across 4 states and plan to increase it to cover most of the states in India. Judging from the overwhelming responses they have been getting, it should be easy.

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