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Latest Trends in SMS Marketing, Every Business Owner Should Know

As we step every time into a new year, the challenges of marketers get increased on the year passing. The juggling between different marketing mediums for communication & promotional and choosing the best one out of them is a big challenge for every marketer in this competitive edge.

Among all other channels, Short message service is one of the smart inventions of century. Thanks to providers who have made communication become easier & faster than ever before.

Since, the introduction of mobile marketing in 1992, it has come a long way from being a medium for personal communication that can be used in more advanced applications.

Usually, there are many small and big entrepreneurs that have started adopted this medium in different areas of business operations including sales, customer service, product promotion, shipping, banking etc. At the same time, text messaging remains an effective method not only for individuals but also for business owners/marketers.

We have gathered some bulk SMS marketing trends of 2018 which would benefit marketers in the success of their company business.

Building huge website traffic-

In the SMS content that you’re going to send to your customers, add a link of your web page or homepage thus redirecting readers to your website. Since the response rate of SMS is so high, the people are more likely to click on the given short link. When they visit, they begin to explore given options and sale offers and they might end up purchasing your best products or subscribe to your newsletter on their registered number. Believe us! It’s a powerful way to increase your traffic in a short span of time.

Consumer feedback-

SMS services are ideally used to gather more and more customer feedback. Marketers can either run a survey or poll to know the likes & dislikes of potential customers. Over 90% of texts are read under 3-4 minutes once the people received it on their cell phone. Also, they likely found responded to messages in 3 minutes. Thus, SMS proves to be one of a best-loved channel to know if the customer is satisfied with your offered product or service. Such feedbacks will help you to improve your business services quality.

Add personalization

One of the most common trends of text SMS marketing is adding a personalization your business strategy. There are several ways to know about your consumers or buyers like age, gender, location, home address, interests, email id, birthdays, hobbies etc. Businesses often have this kind of data in their system but they don’t its benefits. Use it to send personalized SMS messages to your customers by adding their name at the top like Hello Parth or wish them on their birthday or send them an SMS about a new event information at their location. It’s all about using customers important data in an effective manner to develop a strong relationship and to increase the brand image.

Integrate it into other marketing strategies

Text SMS marketing performs better when integrated with other marketing sources like mobile apps and email marketing. The result you will get is unbelievable. You can reach quickly to your consumers and get immediate responses when needed. In your emails asking people to subscribe for SMS services in order to receive real-time notifications, updates, and reminders.

Start two-way campaign

Allow your readers to respond on your sent SMS messages with the help of a keyword to a short code or long code virtual number of your company. Ask their opinion about your services quality or ask them to register themselves by sending just a word from their cell phone. This way you can build a database of strong customers for your next campaign.

For example Type ‘STOP’ and send it to 9898585855 or 12345 to unsubscribe from our email alerts.

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