Importance of Web Design in E-Commerce Website Development

The emergence of the World Wide Web has revolutionised our lives in more ways than one. Business has never been as globalised as it is today. The ecommerce websites have almost doubled or tripled in the past few years as most businesses consider the internet as an open platform to enhance their business potential as well as their sales.

Electronic commerce or Ecommerce leads to the conducting of business transactions online.  It has become pervasive in the everyday lives of people. Any business that offers this facility of online transactions must have a website design that is at par with its competitors in the internet.

Hence the first step to succeed online is to have a lucrative and user-friendly website that can execute any marketing strategy with élan. Apart from being appealing and conducive to effective marketing strategy, it must be able to provide excellent customer service.

Here are certain reasons why an effective web design is important for an ecommerce platform.

  • Mobile Usage is On the Rise – Over 90 percent of the consumers use the smartphones and over 50 percent of the web traffic comes from the mobile devices. This number shows exactly why yours should be a user-friendly website that is responsive and compatible across platform and devices. As more and more people are using mobile devices, your site is also being used more in mobiles than in desktops. So if the user-experience of your site is lacking in smartphones you can lose your customers to your competitors in just a matter of seconds.
  • There is a Trust Factor All the Time – Internet users at the time of shopping online even in this age happen to be quite cautious. The ecommerce giants like Amazon have acquired the trust factor over the years but the new entrants to the internet have to work relentlessly to achieve this position. A professional web design assists in building this up as the users evaluate the company’s authenticity through the website to a great extent and thus, place their trust in you.
  • SEO Ranking is Improved by a Responsive Site – A responsive web design is recommended by Google for good SEO rankings. The website that is designed in a professional and user-friendly manner performs in a better way in search engines as it is capable of providing a better user-experience.  Moreover, Google also comes with a separate mobile phone search algorithm. So a website has to be consistently responsive to both the desktops as well as the mobile to rank high. Added to that, the mobile searches are much better than the desktop ones.  Hence making your site effective across devices is not an option anymore.
  • Recognition Value As Per the Brand – Your business must be noticed as an online marketer. This can be achieved by selecting an exclusive design with colourful accents and unique elements that can grab the attention of the visitors and also will be remembered by the customers. The promises that you are making to the customers can be conveyed by the way you deign the website. That is why it needs to be designed professionally.

The above are some of the reasons why you need to go for a web design that is effectual, responsive and user-friendly in order to stand out and enhance your sales. For that you must appoint an experienced and proficient web development company in India where the team is not only knowledgeable but also know the nitty-gritties of the trade as well as are aware of the latest trends to offer you a website that will the best representation your business visions and your brand image.

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