How to Save Dollars on Your Grocery Shopping

Whether you have the responsibility of feeding yourself or an entire family, you will probably find your grocery bill taking a huge bite out from your paycheck. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that food accounts for the third-largest household expense in the United States of America. In hard economic times of today, you need to look for ways to save your hard-earned dollars when going on a grocery shopping trip. Here are some effective tips to help you save your money when you go for your grocery shopping.

  1. Take The Help Of Weekly Flyers To Plan Your Meals

Most homemakers have now started to adopt this practice. They plan their meals based on the discounted items offered by the grocery store. They come to know about the discounted products through weekly flyers. These flyers are the best way to remain updated of amazing offers and discounted deals. Make it your habit to keep a regular check on the grocery flyers so you know what items are on sale. Planning your menu accordingly will cut the cost of your meal to half the price.


  1. Perform An Inventory Check Of The Items At Home

Before you go out on your grocery shopping, you should be fully aware of the items you already have in your pantry. The best way to do this is by carrying out an inventory check of your pantry and freezer so you know exactly what items you need to purchase. Once you make this a habit, you will know exactly what items you need to purchase. Hence you will be saved from buying unnecessary items. This will not only help save your dollars, but also minimalize your wastage of food.


  1. Finish the Items Present In Your Pantry

Most Americans tend to throw out about 25% of the items from their pantries as the expiry date comes close around. This happens because people have the habit of purchasing food items and storing them in their pantry only to forget about them. Sometimes they store products on a shelf that are out of hands reach. Eventually, they end up forgetting about those items and they go to waste.


To avoid wasting your hard-money by tossing out the expired items, make it a habit to sort out your fridge and pantry at least once a week. Place the food items that are closest to the expiry date in a specific place This way, you will remember to use those products first before they end up in the garbage.


  1. Look For Substitutes With The Help Of Weekly Flyers

In order to save your dollars on grocery shopping, you need to take out the last grocery shopping receipt and identify the expensive items in the list. Now that you are aware of those items, it’s time to search for a cheaper alternative. For instance, replace turkey with a chicken or perhaps replace premium cuts of steak with more affordable cuts. Substituting some of the expensive items on every shopping trip will help you to save substantial amount of dollars.

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