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Building Online Store? Check Out The Best E-commerce Platforms

Whenever it comes to building an online store, people often get confused and couldn’t decide which e-comm platform is good for their business. Choosing the right eCommerce CMS can be a daunting task as the market is flooded with multiple platforms that offer different advantages for businesses. So, for all of them who either are about to jump into the business or already into it, we’ve created a list of best e-commerce platforms that will not only reduce the cost of their investment but also, allow their brand stand out in the crowd.

The list is divided into two categories of e-commerce platforms: (1)Hosted (the company will host store) and self-hosted (the company will offer the software but, entrepreneurs have to get their own web hosting ).



It is by far one of the best e-commerce platforms available in the market. It’s suitable for all small to medium scale businesses that are about to start their online store. This platform offers a huge flexibility, which enables developers to customize the e-commerce website and manage the products and inventory with ease.



It is a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that is generally compared to the Shopify. When developing a site, this platform offers a Shopify-like experience. It lets developers develop responsive and appealing online store (without any need of design knowledge). It offers a clean user-interface of the admin panel that is much easier to navigate.


This platform is also considered one of the best e-commerce platforms. It offers complete cloud-based solutions. It is a robust platform that includes some great features such as deal of the day, coupons, discounts, posting youtube videos on the page, wishlist etc. Its built-in features directly to the dashboard differentiate it from its competitors.


This platform enables developers to build a functional web store to sell products. It offers a huge list of features including the drag-and-drop editor, ready templates etc. It can be easily integrated with advanced e-commerce tools in the store like social media, marketing, third-party apps etc. It makes the online store look more professional without any need of design experience.


This platform has been around for ages and is considered the best e-commerce CMS (Content Management System) you will come across. It is an open-source technology-based platform that offers the highest level of flexibility and control over the developing the web store with excellent add-ons and extensions. As it is an open-source platform, it offers scalability and is suitable for all types of businesses.


It is another open-source technology based digital platform and is best suitable for people having some web design and development experience. It comprises a set of some great features that offer organized manner for order processing and a robust catalog functionality. It also includes a user-friendly interface and a ‘How to use’ to help developers to use it efficiently.


It is different from other e-comm platforms that are mentioned here in this list. The WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used to develop an e-Commerce store/website using WordPress. Though it’s a plugin yet, it comprises all the features that one can expect from an open-source Content Management Systems. To use this, one should possess the knowledge of operating WordPress website.


It is an open-source and easy to download e-commerce platform that is generally used to manage the online store in real-time. The developers, having a little web development experience, can easily customize it. This platform offers more than 300 built-in features to manage payments, product lists, shipping, suppliers and manufacturers as well.


 Now, we would like to give it an end. So, these were few of the top e-commerce CMS platforms that you can select to build your online store. However, it is necessary to first analyze the requirements of your business and then choose the suitable platform that can give an edge to your business.

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