7 Steps to Start Your Own T-Shirts Business in USA

There are so many business that start everyday all around the glob, but only few survive, and even less succeed. Reason? Difference in the way of running the business. Starting a business is not a kids job and requires a lot of efforts and attention.

Here are 7 points that you must keep in mind before stating your own T- shirt business.

Create a t- shirt business plan

You cannot just rush into the market without having a business plan. Every business has its pros and cons and every business requires different kind of adjustments and procedures for running. When we talk about a t- shirt business, we need to remember that it not only has a wide range of audience, but they are based on their choice of quality, design and style. You need to work on a plan surrounding that to actually step into the market.

Decide on e- commerce solution for your web store

The second most important step that you must take before starting the business is to do a proper research about the e-commerce platform you would be using for the online t-shirt printing store. You have two main options for choosing the platform, you can either choose a hosted platform like bigcommerce and shopify or you can have a self hosted platform.

Purchase an online designer tool

In order to survive in today’s competitive world you have to invest in an advanced designer tool, especially when you are getting into the business of selling customized t- shirts. Make your design tool feature rich, this way you can have a unique feature which would attract the customers towards your business. In the beginning it is better to purchase an online t- shirt designing software that can fulfil all your basic needs. Once you have established a foot in the market, it is then when you can customize the tool to make it blend well with your enhanced business needs.

Select the printing method

The three most common printing methods include screen painting, heat transfer printing and direct- to- garment printing. Each printing method has its own perks and disadvantages. When designing t- shirts, both manufacturers and the customers enjoy experimentation with colours and designs. Each printing method would give you a different result and it will depend on the amount of time you are willing to spend on the production and the quality of the printing machines. So you have to be careful of the method of printing you choose for your business.

Select the right supplier

Once you have decided on the t- shirt business and you are done with the core activities of manufacturing, you need to shift your focus towards selling. Find he right suppliers for blank t- shirts, do proper research and calculate all the necessary expenses before finally fixing a deal.

Launch your store

Once you are finally set, it is time for actually stepping in the market. Start inviting the customers, ask them to show their creativity, indulge with them. Your interaction with the customers in the beginning would decide the success of your business in the long run. You have to make sure that the shirt design tool is user friendly. It would be the first impression you are making on your customers and you have to make sure that it doesn’t backfire on you.

Market your store

You cannot just go into the market one day and surprise everyone with your presence. You have to start marketing the business before time through flyers, pamphlets and business cards. Start distributing them in the near by places, make a strong online presence for yourself and you can be sure of the success in the business.

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