6 places you must visit while in Milan

Famous for being Italy’s fashion and design capital, Milan is home to some of the most amazing must-see places in Europe. Apart from great shopping on offer, there is a multitude of sight-seeing options ranging from glorious art and architecture to delicious local restaurants. Here is a list of places you need to visit while you’re in town.

1. The Duomo

Located in the medieval village, in a beautiful setting with an adjoining small square from which you can see a beautiful view of the Serchio River, the Duomo comes with an imposing gray stone facade. The austere façade and the steeple are characteristics that blend well with the historic town of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Inside the church, the altar attracts attention, with a bated crucifix, and all marble decorations.

2. Museo del Novecento

Many people find this extraordinary museum interesting. When you consider the structure, with large windows that open onto Piazza Duomo, you have to agree. The Museum contains an important insight into contemporary art. It has a very well-made path, wide spaces that allow an excellent vision of the works in a pleasantly quiet environment.

3. Castello Sforzesco

It is one of the prettiest spots of Milan. Away from of the city chaos, here you are catapulted into another dimension. The charm of the courtyards and halls, visits to museums with historical artifacts, and art gallery with numerous works of art on display, are but some of the attractions on offer. By visiting Castello Sforzesco you will find yourself in 15th century because it was built in 15th Century and it has still got the colors of 15th century.

4. Cimitero Monumentale

It’s a resting place for those men and women who have marked the course of Italian history, that including great literary writers and artists of modern times. The grandeur of the square in front of the entrance is truly magnificent. You cannot help but feel for all of those who’re buried here, such as the tomb of Alessandro Manzoni placed in the memorial chapel at the top of a spectacular staircase.

5. Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

The Ambrosiana is the temple of Milan that celebrates St. Charles and Frederick Borromeo. It is also home to the beautiful pages of Manzoni that tell the enlightened foundation of Italy! Don’t forget to browse through the illuminated manuscripts, such as the marvelous Virgilio of Petrarca, and The canestra of Caravaggio fruit (a photo!) Plus, the cartoons by Raphael.

6. La Scala

This is the most famous art house built in 1978 in Milan. You can reach La Scala by walking through Duomo and Galleria for few minutes. After getting to the La Scala you will hear the sounds of the great singers and orchestras of the world and you will see the amazing ballets too. There is a great theatre academy in La Scala where people learn skills like music and dance. In case you couldn’t get a ticket to a performance than from Museo Teatrale alla Scala Museum you can see the stage.


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