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5 Content Marketing Hacks to Get Maximum Traffic and Massive Visibility

Content marketing became the talk of the town first when means of fastest communication got easily applicable and accessible. With the rise in the number of internet users and gadgets, It’s become instrumentally easy for big brands and services to broadcast their the message of their brand or service like an epidemic on different channels. Nothing stands between a brand or influencer and audience/customers.It’s the magic of the content which lets a brand to make itself stand out in the herd. In fact, with the passage of time, a face of content has also changed significantly.

The viability of the content isn’t just limited to the text only. Podcasts, infographics, how-to’s guides, slides, and videos are also the part of content marketing. However, for achieving the sustained results and steady growth, it depends on the company or brand to utilize the type of content which meets its demands and matches to the strategies.

A key purpose of the content prepared for the internet must be to solve problem, aware people and create an unbreakable bond with the content creator. As a matter of the fact, it’s not a piece of cake at all to market content and achieve your targets overnight. Winning takes passions, sacrifice, endurance, and learning. A content marketer is supposed to be the one who fails to learn and grow, instead of those people who takes failure as humiliation, stigma or put-down. Ideas, planning, and experience make the creation of contents on hard topics easy and lack of preparation, plan and amateurish execution make easy topics hardest ones.

Excluding professional digital marketers, people have difficulty in comprehending the fruitfulness of the content marketing. They take it as something game-playing or phenomenal which is incomprehensible. The art of content marketing can be learned and mastered for the attainment of business goals such as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Increase in Online Sales
  • Branding
  • Customer Engagement

In this post, I am going to share 5 incredible and reliable content marketing hacks to gain maximum traffic and widespread visibility. If you have to go through tough time gaining visitors and it seems impossible to attract clients. Don’t feel flustered at all, just incorporate information provided here and you will be enjoying a profitable return on investment and your blogging efforts would start to pay off well.

1. Write Clickable and Shareable Headlines

It’s true that a catchy headline is responsible to make your content marketing campaign successful. More than 70% of the success of contents depends upon the headlines. It takes 8 seconds for you to grab the attention of the reader. Add elements of curiosity and magnetism into headlines. Make sure your headlines and sub headlines are reader-friendly and give the first impression on potential clients.

If you want to generate leads and speed up conversion process then make sure that your headlines are catchy, easily readable and they must be presenting some sort of the solution to the audiences.

2. Create Content Calendar

A content calendar is indispensable for the success of the content marketing campaign. It’s truly a great hack as it lets every member of the team access and benefits from content marketing planning. It eases up analyzing your marketing efforts as it displays results visually and let you know where your content has been distributed overall. This struggle is going to produce the consistent flow of the content that will assist you in succeeding in marketing goals in return.

An effective content calendar saves time and energy. It makes us organized and keeps us on-track. Especially, it lets your readers and audience make use of your content and let go of boredom by preventing your contents from getting stagnant, repetitive or below average. It’s not a hard nut to crack to find reliable calendar platform, using Google Calendar can do the magic as well.

3. Write a Reliable, Marketable and Meaningful Content

Undoubtedly, ‘Content is King’, it’s simple and doesn’t take much heed. With the correct implementation of SEO and branding process, you can easily achieve content marketing targets. Prepare long form contents as they are easily optimizable and have a probability of ranking higher in search engines as compared to the short form contents. They share the detailed message and offer value to the audience.

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Every expert content marketer agrees that an average length of the viral article should be around 2500 words. Also, if you’re planning to generate more leads through the blog of company site, then, stretching the word count for the content will be a good decision.

Bear in mind that people won’t like to go through your content if they won’t find something useful in your content; be aware of redundancies and provide value and solution through your content. People don’t want their time to go wasted on trivial work. So, you should be careful when writing content and make it easy for the audience to grab the meaning of your content.

4. Make use of Latest Trends

If you can’t create viral content, then curate the content at hand. Benefit from latest trends as they are really helpful for content marketing. Avoid getting trapped into ‘Newsjacking’ and make sure that you are picking keywords which are relevant and reliable for your content marketing campaign.

Counting on trends is really helpful, especially, on social media platforms. For instance, if you want a deluge of the audience to reach you through social networking sites i.e. Facebook or Twitter, here, your contents must be revolving around latest trends so that more and more people could benefit from your strategy and even, it will help your message in getting spread far and wide. Google Trends is the best example where you can find latest trends easily.

Did you ever notice why some of the people are always ahead of the competition? It’s because they participate in events, keep seeking new information and in the end, their growth mentality let them rise and shine. Likewise, it’s one of the useful hacks which can take content marketing to the new levels easily.

5- ‘Webinar’, A New Way to Generate Leads

The webinar is an effective and easy method for generating leads and marketing products. But, upon weaker planning and ill-management of time, it gets harder to unleash the true potential of promoting your product or brand.

One of the first steps that you need to take to fully unleash the potential of a well-designed webinar is to promote your webinars in the body of all of your articles, emails and in the subtext of your videos.

An easy way to unleash the magic of your webinar is to promote your webinar in the body of your articles, contents, the subtext of videos and in emails. It might seem easy-to-do hack but it requires time, patience and plans to mark massive impact on your capability to generate leads.


Long story short, it’s the well-researched content with persuasive headlines prepared as per content calendar which pays off and enhances content marketing efforts. On the other hand, latest trends and webinars are what that you can benefit from greatly in the long run. All-in-All, it depends upon experience, time and practice that will determine success.

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