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10 Most Creative Ideas to Use Live Streaming on Social Platforms

Videos have always been a surefire way to engage audience & create a sense of curiosity among them.

Live videos, in particular, have carved a niche for themselves in the marketing scenario for their ability to connect a large number of people in one go & broadcast the message across to a mass audience & user base.

With the immense popularity, however, arises the need to do something different, something creative for your brand, so as to set yourself apart from everyone else, who’s anyway doing the same thing.

In this blog, we present to you 10 creative ways for live streaming on facebook, youtube live streaming, google hangouts streaming, & periscope live streaming.
Raise Awareness About A Social Cause

With live streaming quickly becoming popular, brands & organizations have begun harnessing its powers to reach a mass audience & titillate emotions.
Social cause campaigns like the #LastSelfie campaign done by WWF(World Wildlife Foundation) to draw mass attention towards gravely endangered species that are on the verge of extinction, pledging viewers to help save them by donating to the foundation & raising awareness about the endangered species via sharing the video on their own social media platforms.

Within a week, the campaign received about 40,000 tweets & the campaign video had been viewed by almost 50% of all active twitter users.

Hire Interns & Workforce

Though live streaming on facebook etc. might not be viewed as a traditional hiring choice by many industry insiders, companies with an out-of-the-box thinking may very well recruit promising interns & employees through massively popular streaming platforms.

For instance, GrubHub recognized the utility of Snapchat as more than just a ‘snap’ sharing social media tool, & asked for graphic designer applications through the platform by asking candidates to send in their best, creative ‘doodles’ to their online career forum.

The result? Amusing publicity for GrubHub along with interesting hires!

Join Hands With A Popular Event

Taco Bell made history when, while uploading on Snapchat 10 second long video footages of the launch of their all-new Doritos Locos Taco, they took things a little further & partnered with MTV Movie Awards, curating the entire launch campaign around the event so as to generate maximum reach & viewer engagement.
Needless to say, they succeeded in the task & consequently became one of the most followed brands on Twitter.

Google Hangouts Streaming via Google Hangout on Air

Google Hangout On Air, which is now a part of YouTube Live, is an extremely potent way to broadcast your business insides to an active, interested audience.
NASA, for instance, actively hosts Google Hangouts streaming where their astronauts talk about ‘outer space’ discoveries, challenges & perks of their jobs, & other new findings with an engaged audience that is way too into what they have to say.

Another great example of a successful, innovative Google Hangouts Streaming is that of Manchester United, that creatively employed Google Hangouts Streaming to increase viewership for their match against Liverpool through their campaign titled, #MUFrontRow, in which they asked users to use the hashtag on their Google + page with a photo of them showing off their team spirit & support towards their favourite team.

The campaign greatly generated interest in the event, along with pleasing hardcore fans.

Facebook Live For Hosting Expert Sessions

Hosting Expert sessions via live streaming on facebook is a proven way to hog an increased viewership as well as to increase general user interest in your business, & reaching out to potential customers via the platform.

IMPACT, for instance, hosts a monthly ‘Website Throwdown’ session where they ask participants to share their website urls on the live streaming session itself to be reviewed by their top marketing & design professionals.

This enables up & coming designers to get constructive feedback on their websites, while simultaneously engaging a broader audience base in the live stream.

As A Platform To Show Off Your Skills

Live Streaming on Facebook can be an extremely effective way for businesses & upstarts to showcase their skills & talents to a wide audience base while at the same time generating audience intrigue & increasing personal sales.

Food & travel brand Tastemade, as a case, began regular live streaming on Facebook new recipe ideas, chef talks, food art sessions, & much more that has resulted in a definite increase in the brand reach as well as overall audience reach & viewer network.

Make Your Audience Laugh

In these times of unrelenting stress, everybody looks forward to a good laugh, & smart brands are encashing onto this fact.

Buzzfeed, as an example, decided to test live streaming on facebook by live streaming a fun experiment, in which two Buzzfeed employees sat across from each other, fully suited, in a bid to try to burst a watermelon by tying rubber bands around it.

The video was streamed for about 45 minutes, during which audience became helplessly glued to their screens in wild anticipation for the end.

The experiment generated a few hearty laughs, as well as greater audience interest in the company.

Launch/Announce New Products

Live streaming is also a fantastic way to announce or launch any new products your business is looking forward to launch in the market anytime soon. The decidedly large audience base & unfiltered user network together is sure to guarantee success for your live stream.

Chevrolet, for instance, launched its all-new Bolt EV during the annual CES hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, all via a live streaming on facebook session, during which they also answered customer queries in real-time regarding the car.

The event increased their consumer base as well as garnered the company a few headlines for the innovative experiment.

Get Audience To Tag Along

The ‘live’ aspect of Live Streams lends to it a vitality & interesting aspect, in the sense that whatever we are seeing, is happening live at the time we are viewing it, & hence it intrigues the audience more than general, recorded videos.
Companies have been clever enough to recognize this fact, & have begun harnessing this particular aspect of live streaming in their branding features.

Nestle, for instance, utilized the power of periscope streaming in their #FirstDayOfSummer campaign, in which they joined hands with social media influencers & bloggers & invited viewers along to witness first hand their ways to celebrate the First Day Of Summer with Nestle Drumstick ice creams in their hands!

The stream included the influencers enjoying ferris rides, biking rides, & eating ice cream by fire pits. The activity combinedly generated viewer interest in the product, as well as gained the brand a high number of organic followers.

Show Behind The Scene Action To Your Followers

YouTube Live Streaming & Periscope Streaming can be easily utilized to showcase live behind the scenes action to your audience, & in turn generate interest by allowing them to catch glimpses of your inter-organizational working.
General Electric live streamed a five day campaign called #DRONEWEEK via Periscope streaming, that gave audience a real-time view of their facilities, industry machinery, & featured interviews with their scientists & innovators regarding latest technology & trends.

The campaign was immensely successful & led to a massive increase in the outreach & sales of the company.

Author – Sanvi

Author Bio – Sanvi is a blogger and creative designer. Her interest is in researching about latest technologies in the social world. She is currently researching on the importance of live streaming and webcasting solutions in different industries (like, businesses, events, education webinars etc). When she is not writing and researching, she is either on an adventurous trip or spending time with her friends.

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